2021 brings a great deal of hopefulness to the New Horizons music community. In order to promote uplifting news about our membership while celebrating the 30th Anniversary of New Horizons Music, the NHIMA Board of Directors is announcing a very special award that can be given to one or two individuals in each New Horizons group. This award is given in honor of Dr. Roy Ernst, the founder and powerhouse behind our organization and will shine a light on many of our outstanding members!

  • A non-monetary award, recognizing character and accomplishment.
  • Awarded to one or two people in each New Horizons group. The criteria may vary, but the member should exemplify perseverance, a passion for music, and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Honorees will be chosen by the group director(s) or a committee within the group.
  • NHIMA honorees will receive a frameable certificate, and names will be posted on our website in November 2021.
  • Let’s recognize many of our most outstanding New Horizons members! We look forward to connecting to your band or orchestra in this very personal way. Especially during the present circumstances that limit our ability to make music together, we can remain vital and active as a musical community!


Names shall be submitted to NHIMA by October 1, 2021. Send your selection to [email protected].