Tributes to Roy and New Horizons 

My first experience with New Horizons was an Interlochen band camp in 2011, where I was fortunate enough to have met you. The fellowship and encouragement of the people I met during that week helped me get realize just how much I’d missed making music. I am now involved with four bands, one is the New Horizons Band of Gulfport. This would not have happened without that gentle nudge from the Interlochen experience. Thank you for making it possible. (Cathy S)

There have been two major musical influences in my life. The first one, at age 20, when I studied with Earl Wild at the Eastman School of Music ... The second one, at age 70, when I interacted with Roy Ernst, who inspired and enabled me to create Piano Fusion. Thank you, Roy, for infusing me with wonderful new energy for music. You are amazing, and I am so grateful! (Diana C)

I met Roy during cocktail hour at a New Horizons camp in Maine 8 years ago. I was invited to the camp by another band director and went without any idea what a New Horizons band was about. I
direct a local town band but we are too advanced for beginners. Roy and I stood on the porch together talking about how a New Horizons band may work near where I live as a beginning band for adults and also serve to feed the many local town bands. I was hooked and spent the next 1 1/2 years putting it together. We started in 2014 and have over 40 members. What a gift Roy has given me and all of our band members. Thanks so much. (Donna M)  Read More

30th Anniversary Kick Off (Live Streamed on January 5) Youtube Video

Eastman Rochester New Horizons Band playing Call To Victory. This is the very first NH group to be formed in 1991. YouTube Video

NAMM Video Interview: Roy Ernst discovered a way to involve an older generation in the great experience of music-making. While teaching at Eastman’s School of Music, Roy designed a program for the 50-plus population who perhaps have not ever played an instrument or have not since childhood. The New Horizons band program has now included hundreds of participants who gather together to play and perform concerts for friends and family. The success of the program has, among other things, tapped a new market of music makers and proved you are never too old to play.  NAMM Interview with Roy (2006)


Ways You Could Celebrate

1- Nominate a New Horizons musician for the Roy Ernst Award
2-Dedicate one of your concerts this year to Roy Ernst or the New Horizons organization
3- Perform a concert programmed solely with compositions commissioned by NH groups
4 - Have members send us (or Roy) a note about what New Horizons has meant to them
5 - Send in special pictures, videos, stories to be posted on the 30th Anniversary web page to [email protected]
6 - Recognize NHIMA 30 year milestone and link the NHIMA website to yours

Be sure to let us know about your 30th events so we can add them to the Celebrations Calendar!



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