New Horizons International Music Association





What is NHIMA?

New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA) is an international non-profit organization committed to the New Horizons philosophy of music making and undertakes initiatives designed to support the development and growth of New Horizons music organizations.

NHIMA, via the Board of Directors, is a support group for New Horizons groups and individuals. Its purpose is to:

  • Continue Roy Ernst’s vision of expanding music making opportunities for adults
  • Foster a positive atmosphere for creating new adult bands, orchestras, choruses and other music groups
  • Provide services of interest to adult music groups and individual members of NHIMA including:
    • Semi-annual Newsletter
    • Comprehensive Web Site –
    • Printed and Electronic Membership Roster
    • Information about Music Camps
    • Discounted Registration to some Music Camps
    • Encourage groups to sponsor New Horizons Music Camps, and encourage opportunities to visit and play music when traveling by visiting other New Horizons groups
    • Encourage communication between New Horizons groups, their conductors and individual members on questions commonly faced by their groups

In fulfilling these goals, New Horizons International Music Association does its best to keep membership costs low, and welcomes comments and suggestions from all New Horizons members – both groups and individuals, across the US, Canada and the world – on how it can assist them in making their New Horizons musical experience as rewarding as possible.