New Horizons International Music Association



The President’s Corner

Buddy Givens
President, NHIMA Board of Directors
Denton New Horizons Band
New Horizons Band of Dallas
Aubrey, TX
February, 2017



We have just concluded an important and significant year in the life of the New Horizons International Music Association. Important, because we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Significant, because we added nearly 450 new group and individual members, the largest single year growth in our history. Included in that growth were 21 new planning groups which provide the foundation for future growth of the movement.

I had the pleasure of visiting two groups in Utah, one of which was getting started and the other which had completed the two-year planning cycle and had grown to a vibrant and active group. NHIMA was able to provide financial support to both of these groups, as we have done for several others in the past year. This is an important use of your dues dollars where we can share the joy of music with others, the basis of the vision of Dr. Roy Ernst is establishing this organization.

There are a number of exciting music camps planned for 2017, and I hope you will be able to take advantage of one or more of them. I’m excited about going to the camp in Canada in September. Be sure to take advantage of the member discount on camp fees and let your friends know about this valuable benefit of membership. The discount is usually at least the annual cost of membership, if not more.

Please use the contact page on this web site to communicate with me or other board members. We value your comments and suggestions. I hope that I will be able to greet you personally at a camp this year.


Buddy Givens
President, NHIMA Board of Directors