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The Challenge of Fundraising for NHIMA Groups

By In Uncategorized On July 23, 2017

Fundraising potential for New Horizons groups comes in all shapes and sizes as well as levels of complexity. You should consider the level of complexity that best suits your group and your needs, and then develop an appropriate fund raising strategy. The following information should serve as a catalyst to formulate your preliminary fund raising strategy.

You need funds. You may never have tried to raise funds. You may be scared and nervous about the prospect of raising funds. These conditions and more, frequently stop people in their tracks and prevent them from moving forward with funding their concept, merely because they never tried and had minimal understanding how to get started. That coupled with a fear of failure frequently dooms many fund raising opportunities.

Fund raising is not that hard and, while occasional campaign failure is just one step on the way to successful fundraising, small successes in fundraising “fuel the habit” and relate to better promotions and better fundraising results in the future.

The following are some creative fundraising ideas that may have possibilities for your organization in 2015. None of these sites or grantors has been vetted by NHIMA; nevertheless, a review of this material is likely to provide thought provoking ideas that fit your organization to satisfy your need for funding.


A Few Web Based Fundraising Ideas

Give Forward

Easy Fund Raising Ideas

Do-it-yourself Fundraising Ideas

Information about what is working in the world of fundraising

200 Inventive Fund Raising Ideas


Three Popular Crowdfunding Sites In 2015 (there are many of such sites and more being developed each year):





Individual Contributions

According to Giving USA statistics, donations from individuals, ordinary people like you and me, provide 83% of the private funding that supports nonprofits. In almost all cases, individual contributions are unrestricted dollars. (Unrestrictive funding is the most desirable as the organization receiving the funds may use those funds as they see fit.) The Non Profit Resource Center provides tools and techniques you can use to raise money from individuals. Guidestar provides a massive amount of information about nonprofit organizations. Time Magazine stated that “Guidestar has grown into the nation’s premier nonprofit database.” An examination of organizations listed in Guidestar that are like your organization provides a snapshot of how these organizations present themselves to potential donors.


A Few Ideas For Obtaining Grants

There are numerous sources of grants for music, music education, arts, and artistry in music, seniors and grants for the aging. The challenge is to identify grant opportunities that fit your organization, your location and your mission. Grants are almost always competitive and usually involve restrictive dollars – funds that must be used for a specific purpose. Organizations who seek restrictive funds must be sure that the funds fit the organization’s purpose and mission – fit the funds to your mission and not your mission to their funds.


Identifying Grant Potentials For Your Project:

There are many sources for identifying potential grants in your area. Your public library is likely to be a great starting place. Some of the larger public libraries often have grant departments and grant department specialists who are trained to assist in grant identification, grant development and the identification of grant writers to actually prepare the grant – most helpful when going after large grants.

You could subscribe to a fee based website to be made aware of grants that become available in your area. The fee is very nominal and one of the benefits is a monthly summary of grants and due dates. The Foundation Center ( provides similar information

You could make application to the Institute for Learning in Retirement also known as Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Most often these organizations reside in colleges and universities in your area.

Your area may have a community foundation (we have the Dayton Foundation in Dayton, OH) that accepts grant applications for the arts and for the development of programs for seniors.

The Fender Music Foundation (, formerly known as the Guitar Center Foundation, has made grants to not-for-profit groups.
There is much information available on the web for funding opportunities for adult music programs. If you would like some assistance from NHIMA to develop a strategy to fund your New Horizons group, you may contact our current Development Committee.

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