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Technology Saves the Day

By In Uncategorized On September 25, 2017

Using Technology to Organize your Sheet Music and De-clutter your Bookshelves

Every year I have purchased new binders to hold the music for the various bands I play with and with each passing year, our bookshelves sag a little more under their accumulated weight. It would make sense to discard some of it, but I feel connected to it somehow and cherish the memories associated with the learning and performing of each piece. I like to know it is at my fingertips in the event I ever want to play it again, although that hasn’t happened yet.

Enter technology to provide a compact, time-saving solution to all our music and collecting needs.  Digital tablets like the iPadPro are able to do so many mind-boggling things for the music enthusiast that you may wonder why you didn’t embrace them sooner.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The iPad Pro (or similar tablet device) has a full-sized screen that can display an 8.5 x 11” sheet of music.
  • Your music can be scanned right into the iPad or downloaded directly from a dropbox.
  • Pages are turned by simply touching the bottom corner of the screen.
  • You can record and play back your practice pieces.
  • They are very light (approx 1.1 lbs) and feature variable display brightness, thereby eliminating the need for clip-on lamps for music stands.
  • Very handy features include instant access to metronome, tuning apps and fingering charts.
  • Excellent music apps such as ForScore allow you to highlight, erase and make notations quickly and easily using only your finger.

But most importantly, it can download and store several THOUSAND pages of music in addition to music teaching books, fake books and even the latest NHIMA newsletter. And because each piece of music can be listed by name, composer, type of music, you have access to any of this music in seconds.

Spend more time playing, and less time searching for music, something worth considering,

Submitted by Randy Kligerman, NHIMA Board

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