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NHIMA Planning Membership


Planning Membership and Planning Materials

For those not quite ready for regular group membership in NHIMA (groups that are just starting or planning to start), we offer a two-year Planning Membership in the New Horizons International Music Association. This type of membership includes:

  • Web Listing for your group with contact information
  • Four issues of the New Horizons News
  • Free phone or e-mail consultation with a New Horizons director
  • The New Horizons DVD including New Horizons performances and interviews
  • The NHIMA Planning Guide
  • Sample brochures
  • Sample poster
  • Sample news releases
  • Guidelines for teachers
  • Information on developing the organization, and more

You will be able to obtain some of the above materials immediately on-line by use of a password to access a restricted area of the web site.


Have Support While You Plan Your Group

With nearly 200 active groups around the world, NHIMA has a great deal of experience in helping new music groups get started. No need to “go it alone!” Plus, because your group will be listed on the web site along with other planning groups, it will make networking with other groups in the planning stages all the easier.


You May Qualify for a NHIMA Start-Up Grant

Once your Planning Group is ready to transition to a Member Group, you may qualify for a start-grant to help you get under way. Ask your NHIMA advisor how to apply for this grant.

Please Note: Grants are not available during the planning stages, but may become available once your group is ready to “go live.”


Are you ready to begin your musical trip with NHIMA?

On behalf of the entire NHIMA organization we want to welcome you to the New Horizons family. You are about to begin an amazing journey and we want to help you make that journey as exciting and rewarding as possible. If you are ready to apply for your two-year NHIMA Planning Membership, click the button below.



Need a little more time to get things underway?

Not a problem. Sometimes things take a little longer to get organized and you can renew your existing Planning Membership here. Click the button below.