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NewsLetter-PicThis page contains the New Horizons International Music Association Newsletters. Newsletters are currently mailed out twice a year to members of NHIMA (individual, couple, group, and planning members).

The most current newsletter will be added to the table below approximately one month after it is available to NHIMA members. Click any season/year combo in the table and then click on the orange Click Here link at the bottom of the table and that will take you to the newsletter you have selected. (Note, the picture of the newsletter is not a link.)

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If you have articles that you would like to have included in the newsletter, please send them to the NHIMA Newsletter Editor.

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Click Here <— Spring 2015 NHIMA Newsletter

1   Our Resident Composer
2   Guest Soloists and Conductors
2   Fireworks in Our Brains?
3   NHB Music Training, Friends, Health Benefits
4   Hagerstown NHB Hits a Historic High Note
4   Tri-County NHB Celebrates 10th Year
5   Energy City Tours the World in 80 Measures
6   Playing Sax for Sax
6   Planning Group Continues to Move Forward
7   Peterborough NHBs-Students + Mentors = Success!
7   Small Ensembles Expand Musical Horizons in Dayton
8   NHB in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
8   Music for Life: The Story of New Horizons
9   Music-A Heartbeat to the Brain
9   NHBin Waukesha,WI Plans Spring Concerts
10  The Oak Hammock Chamber Players
10  A Variety of Music for 2015!
11  Zooming @50 Plus – Diary of a Greenie
11  CMS Musicians Enjoy Varied Program
12  Polka Dots Celebrate 400 Performances
12  New Horizons Band of Northern New York
13  The Villages NHBs Celebrate Music In Our Schools
13  Morris County, NJ Forms NHB Band
14  The Beat Goes On in Toronto…5 Years Later
14  U of Dayton NHB premieres “Magyar Keverék”
15  Iowa City NHB Celebrates 20 Years!
16  Support Our Business Members

Click Here <— Fall 2014 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  Greetings from NHIMA
•  New Horizons Symphony Las Cruces
•  New Horizons Orchestra of Summit and Stark Counties
•  Music Groups Enjoy Variety of Activities
•  Ireland Meeting & 10 Year Anniversary for Dublin Group
•  Busy Fall Schedule Awaits Sioux City NHB
•  Saline NHB Trumpeter J.D. Woods’ Unusual Hobby
•  Exciting Spring in Ottawa
•  A Bicycle for the Brain
•  “Sharing Significant Music®™”- NHB in Canada Formed
•  New Band and Orchestra in St. George
•  It is Fall, But Don’t Fall!!!
•  “Jim Hanna is My Hero!”
•  Up, Up and Away with the Hagerstown NHB
•  New Horizons Band of Hot Springs
•  Peterborough NHB Midsummer Band Day
•  New Group in Sutherland, Australia
•  Welcome to New NHIMA Staff Member
•  125th Anniversary of Sioux Falls Salvation Army Corp
•  Welcome Back Picnic Ushers in New Season
•  It’s More than the Music
•  Early Summer 2015 Sioux Falls Band Camp
•  Playing It Forward
•  Take Time to Celebrate
•  ClarinetFest® 2014
•  Hofbrauhaus Gig
•  Support Our Business Members

Click Here <— Spring 2014 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  Meet Your Board of Directors
•  Soliciting Time – Travel Pics and More NH News
•  Prime Time Band Work With Music Van
•  Colorado Kids Unique Thank You Art
•  Looking for Music?
•  Have you moved? Changed director? Got a new email address?
•  Helena NHB Perform for Students
•  A Life in Music ~ Variations on a Theme
•  Sioux City Sends Meals to the Philippines
•  Rediscovering a Long-Lost Interest
•  Don’t Stop Playing – Helpful Tips for Beginners
•  Alfred Music Composer O’Reilly Visits NY Band
•  NHIMA Pleased Again to Offer Melinda Jacob First-Time Camperships
•  Delaware NHB Supported by Osher Institute
•  Liability Insurance for Your Music Group
•  New Concert Format = Bigger Audience
•  Rochester NHB Exchange with NHB of Western New York
•  Join or Renew – Why join NHIMA?
•  Busy Energy City Groups
•  Harmonie Nouveaux Horizons de Montréal
•  Busy Snake River NHB Grows and Assesses
•  Memorial Gifts
•  Watch a few performances
•  Support Our Business Members

Click Here <— Fall 2013 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  New Horizons’ Band Camp History
•  NHIMA Sponsors Camperships
•  New Big Band Just 5 Months Old
•  “Two Lips” Everywhere in Ottawa
•  Percussionists Play at Porch Party
•  Dexter Community Band is Growing
•  Two New Horizons Bands Get to Know Each Other
•  Recycling Music Among New Horizons Groups
•  Playing Music Keeps Your Hearing Sharp
•  Remembering Dick Prettyman
•  Full Schedule for NHB of Lawrence Kansas
•  Michigan State University Hosts NHB Mini-Camp
•  PNHB’s Green Band 2013: “Largest Ever!”
•  Old Band
•  SHA-TAW-KWA (Chatauqua) 2013
•  Music Hath Charms
•  Sight-reading Improvement Tips from Roy
•  Community Involvement for Detroit NH Program
•  First Northern Colorado Camp a Success!
•  Helena New Horizons Band Rapidly Grows
•  Red-Dot Envelope Important for Emergency
•  “Give My Regards to Broadway”
•  Fenton Director is Folgers Jingle Contest Finalist
•  What Talent!
•  In a Flash!
•  Support Our Business Members

Click Here <— Spring 2013 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  New Programs Honor Melinda Jacob’s Gift
•  NHB of Las Cruces Wows 5th Graders
•  Looking Forward to Spring!
•  Denton NHB Passes the Hat for Preschool!
•  New Horizons Encore Band
•  New Horizons Strings Gala in Michigan
•  New Home for MSU/CMS NHB
•  I’ll See You Four Sisters and Raise You…
•  Hosting a Music Camp – How We Organized Our Planning
•  Santa Barbara Prime Time Director Retires
•  Music Seduced Peter Ziegler at a Young Age
•  Whole Notes to Black Notes
•  RNHB is First New Ringgold Band in 160 Years
•  New Horizons Band of DuPage Turns 15!
•  The “First” New Horizons Group
•  Music in Our Schools and Jazzy Trombones
•  Sweet Treats for Fat Tuesday
•  MSU/CMS NHB Takes Part in Encore 50+ Expo
•  Start-Up Peninsula NHB on the Road to Success
•  Be a Band Blaster…Band Camp (Jul 19-21)
•  Making a Difference
•  Free Music Available
•  Current Donors
•  Support our Business Members

Click Here <— Fall 2012 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  NHIMA and the Board of Directors by Dick Prettyman
•  Belonging by Dr. Roy Ernst
•  Valley of the Rogue NHB Hosts Student Camp
•  University of Dayton NHB Mini Camp a Success
•  Baldwin-Wallace NHB Celebrates 10th Year
•  Sioux City NHB Advertises the Band
•  Greetings from Ireland
•  Bring Your Grandchildren to Band
•  Making Music with a Hearing Loss
•  On Meeting Your Musical Idol
•  NHB Founder Going Strong at 95!
•  NHB and Orchestra in Fresno Grows
•  Madison New Horizons Band News
•  New Conductor at Las Cruces
•  Strike Up the Band
•  Small Ensembles at the Peterborough NHB
•  The Villages’ Concert Band Mobbed by Chorus
•  Leaving a Legacy
•  The Flathead Valley NHB Hits the Road
•  NHBNC Dixieland Kicks Off Fall Season
•  The Saline New Horizons Band
•  NHB Fox Valley Remakes Itself
•  Summer Orchestra in North East Florida
•  New Horizons Concert Band – Toronto, Canada
•  Houston Energy City Groups Begin Fourth Year
•  New Horizons Grows and So Does News
•  New Orchestra Fills Schedule
•  Ottawa NHB Meets Potsdam’s NHB of Northern New York
•  Lessons Learned Through New Horizons
•  New Horizons Gift Certificates – Great Idea!
•  Support our Business Members

Click Here <— Spring 2012 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  “Get Together” by Roy Ernst
•  Message from Our President, Dick Prettyman
•  Checkout Our Website’s New Look
•  NHIMA Facebook Page at 6 Months
•  French Horn Player Hattie Stone is 93
•  “I’m Gonna be 90”
•  Founders Honored at 15th Anniversary Concert
•  Just What the Doctor Ordered
•  Old Dogs, New Tricks
•  Lost Camera Finds Owner
•  New Horizons Bands ~ A Treasure for All
•  MSU Community Music School NHB Concert
•  Back in the Band
•  Band Buddy Book Reunites College Friends
•  Oh No! I’ve Reached a Plateau
•  Showing Students that Music Lasts a Lifetime
•  How Old Do You Have to Be?
•  Peterborough New Horizons Cruise Band
•  Making a Difference ~ Remembering Our Friends
•  Support our Business Members

Click Here <— Fall 2011 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  “Past is Prologue” by Kathy Weber
•  NHB Dallas Proudly Serves U.S. Navy
•  Pikes Peak NHB “NAZ” Camp
•  Sioux City NHB Benefit Concert
•  “Onward We Go” New NHB in South Carolina
•  Ten Years of Creative Evolution
•  University of Dayton NHB – The “Early Birds”
•  75th Anniversary of a Selmer Clarinet
•  Musical Fun for a Lifetime
•  Rocking at Interlochen
•  It’s Easy Being Green
•  Port Huron and East Lansing NHBs Meet
•  NHIMA Board Members for 2012
•  The Founder’s Corner
•  Thank You, Shirley Michaels
•  Making a Difference – Remembering Our Friends
•  Endowment Fund in Las Cruces
•  Strings Weekend at University of Alabama
•  16 Year Director Moves On to University of Miami
•  A Rousing Month of May
•  Support our Business Members

Click Here <— Spring 2011 NHIMA Newsletter


•  Calendar
•  Now We Celebrate
•  With 20th Anniversary Tours in Arizona
•  And in Virginia
•  With Recollections and Advice from Roy
•  With Honors and Accolades (Prime Time Band)
•  North Central District (MENC) Area New Horizons Members Play for Music Educators
•  The New Horizons Challenge Coin – Get Yours Now
•  Join or Renew Your Membership in NHIMA
•  A New Theme Song
•  Some New Compositions
•  An Exciting New Event (New Horizons Band of Western New York)
•  With Respect and Appreciation to our 90+ers (Bob Johnson and Jan McKenzie)
•  Support our business members