New Horizons International Music Association



The New Horizons Store at Lands’ End



NHIMA has joined with the well-known company, Lands’ End, to offer for sale a selection of clothing and other items suitable for adding the official New Horizons logo. For items that have the New Horizons logo embroidered on them (mostly clothing, bags, and totes), you or your local New Horizons organization do not have to pay an expensive setup charge. Furthermore, you can order these types of items with no minimum quantity required. The cost to add the embroidered logo is about $8.50 per item. Other merchandise such as caps, cups, bottles, and assorted gifts require a minimum order, and there is a reasonable production set-up charge for adding the New Horizons logo on these items.

Click Here or the page title above to go directly to the store! This will open up a new window in your browser. Explore the catalog and choose what you want. Specify the “New Horizons Music” logo, place an order, and the item(s) will be delivered directly to you. Your organization will enjoy and be proud of “showing the colors” at your events and music camps. This is an excellent way to spread the word about New Horizons! When finished at the store, close that window to return here.