New Horizons International Music Association



The Chamber Music Network

A non-profit association that facilitates informal playing and singing by people of all ages and nationalities, beginners to professionals. Our 5,400 members come from every corner of the earth and share one interest: the love of making music with others.

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The Association of Concert Bands

The international voice of adult community bands. The purpose of ACB is to encourage and foster adult concert, community, municipal, and civic bands and to promote the performance of the highest quality traditional and contemporary literature for band.

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Canadian Amateur Musicians

Join an ever-growing family of CAMMAC members. Since 1953, amateur musicians from across Canada and around the world have met together to make music. Today CAMMAC offers music-making opportunities throughout the year to amateur musicians of all levels and all ages, and in many different locations.

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Encore - Creativity for Older Adults

Encore is dedicated to providing an excellent and accessible artistic environment for older adults, 55 and over, regardless of experience or ability, who seek arts education and performance opportunities under a professional artist.

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International Band and Orchestral Products Association

Founding Sponsor

Since its inception in the 1930’s, NABIM has sought to further music education by encouraging instrumental music participation and by providing support materials for music educators in recruitment, retention and excellence of education. NABIM, in partnership with NAMM, helped to fund the New Horizons program for many years.

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International Music Products Association

Founding Sponsor

NAMM’s mission is to unify, lead and strengthen the global music products industry and to increase active participation in music making. This mission is supported by nearly 9,000 music products retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and publishers in 85 countries worldwide.

NAMM also hosts a site called Recreational Music Making, with the main purpose of showing the value of putting music into everyone’s life.

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Making Music

This web site is a companion to the printed magazine. It is an online community for adult amateur musicians. The web site provides plenty of support for musicians, whether they are taking up an instrument for the first time, seasoned musicians or perhaps even returning to music after years of not playing.

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New Horizons Percussion Forum

A place for all those in New Horizons Bands or Orchestras to ask questions about anything related to percussion. This forum is sponsored by Tony Oliver, a familiar and outstanding percussionist and teacher at many of the New Horizons Music Camps.

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