New Horizons International Music Association



In Memory or Honor of…

On this page are the names of those who have made a donation to New Horizons International Music Association. Also listed is the person(s) being memorialized or honored, if the donor(s) has included this. You are kindly invited to make a donation to NHIMA at any time. You may do this by going to our Donations page.



Year Name of Donor(s) Memorial / In Honor Of
2017 Nancy Wombacher University of Iowa Student Directors
Contemplation Quartet Elaine Brigman
Bob Gordon Elaine Brigman
Susan Smith Elaine Brigman
Lynne Kurz Elaine Brigman
2016 Nancy Wombacher Gene Spaziani
2015 Jill Baker Bruce Bardes
John & Betsy Coutant Bruce Bardes
Allison Pemberton & St. Ursula Academy Theatre Bruce Bardes
Diana Budke Bruce Bardes
Cincinnati Music Theatre Company Bruce Bardes
Gail and Michael Dowell Bruce Bardes
Linda L Burton MD Bruce Bardes
Mary Bowling Bruce Bardes
Deborah & Geoffrey Wyght Bruce Bardes
Ruby Van Amburg and Family Bruce Bardes
Nancy Wombacher Bruce Bardes
John and Sarah Kotecki Bruce Bardes
Claire and Matthew Lee Bruce Bardes
Mary Stone Bruce Bardes
Footlighters Newport Bruce Bardes
2014 Joan Cantor Martha Van Deusen
Kaylan Thornhill Bob Taylor
Kaylan Thornhill Hattie Stone
Kaylan Thornhill Jay Lorince
John and Linda Morgan Dick Prettyman
2013 Florence Buschke New Horizons 2013 New England Music Camp
Simsbury Community Band (Connecticut) Richard and Sharon Prettyman
The Conways Carol Steiner
Kaylan Thornhill Bob Jackson
Ron Berry Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Lynn Sferrazza Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Richard and Nancy Trudell Dick and Sharon Prettyman
William and Bobbie Gates Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Pam Bolton Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Lucette and Andre Fortier Dick Prettyman
Nancy Wombacher Dick Prettyman
Mary Jean Hull Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Pat and Margy Waddell Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Roy Ernst Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Julie Adams Dick Prettyman
Christine Gundaker Richard Prettyman
Ellen Eisenberg, DMD Dick Prettyman
Barbara Belbeck Richard Prettyman
Terry Kneece Dick and Sharon Prettyman
Mike and Lauren Mitten Richard Prettyman
Eve McGrory Dick Prettyman
Julie and Brett Greene Richard Dahl Prettyman
Jason and Marcie Humphries Dick Prettyman
Kathy Weber Dick Prettyman
Nancy Wombacher Sharon Prettyman
Barbara Belbeck Sharon Prettyman
John and Linda Morgan Gregg Nielson
2012 Melinda Jacob New Horizons International Music Association
Martha H. Newlon
Nancy Wombacher Wally Johnson
Kaylan Thornhill David Hargrave
John and Linda Morgan Ruth Winter
2011 Barbara Hill Jean Taylor
J. D. Woods Donna Cubberly
Pat Nathan Leopold John Imperial
John and Linda Morgan Mildred M. Morgan
2010 University of Dayton New Horizons Band Carole Weber
Adriana Reyneri and Steve Stroth Edward Etlinger
Ellen and Dan Macias Edward Ettlinger
Tom Zimmerman and Janet Hedrick Ted Ettlinger
The Schmidt Family Ted Ettlinger
Ellen Furnari and Jan Passion Ted Ettlinger
Pam Bolton Dave Madill
Pam Bolton Pat Strode
William R. Hull
New Horizons Band Guelph Mary Gordius
Rosalind Katz Michele Kalo
Sue Ettlinger Ted Ettlinger
Linda and John Morgan Lydia P. Johnstone
2009 David and Shirley Petherbridge Ed Mizma
Joanne Sheffield Harley G. Sheffield
Stanley Bawol Skeets White
Robert W. McDonald James H. McDonald
Benedictine New Horizons Band
Kaylan Thornhill Jim Shelton
John and Linda Morgan William H. Morgan
2008 Kathy Weber Ed Mizma
Nancy Wombacher Lambert Neill and Dan Brindley
Iris Othrow
Pamela Bolton Freddie Ford
Linda and John Morgan Frederick E. Johnstone