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New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA)

Membership Overview

Your Membership Matters

membershipMembership in NHIMA adds you to the growing family of an international organization committed to the New Horizons philosophy of music-making. As a non-profit organization, NHIMA will be seeking grants and funding for both the organization in general and for special events such as camps and institutes, which will help to make these events more affordable for you. A significant member base will be more influential as NHIMA attempts to negotiate favorable agreements for member organizations.


Different Types of Membership

Membership in NHIMA is offered to New Horizons organizations and to individuals/couples. In addition, there are memberships available for those planning to start a group and there are also memberships available for businesses wanting to support NHIMA. The benefits are slightly different for each type of membership, and they are explained fully on the various membership pages.


  Group Membership Individual/Couple Membership

Planning Membership Business Membership

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On behalf of the entire association, we want to welcome you to the New Horizons International Music Association and we thank you for your support. Whether you play an instrument or sing, whether you are just starting out, are returning after a long hiatus or have been playing every day… you are always welcome to become a member and enjoy the fun you’ll have in the New Horizons International Music Association.

Ken Carper, President NHIMA Board of Directors & Roy Ernst, Founder of New Horizons

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