New Horizons International Music Association



Liability Insurance Survey Results

This is intended to aid other groups in starting their search for liability insurance coverage. Experience has shown that many underwriters do not wish to talk to us, but there are those who do, so NHIMA wishes to share with you the various companies that are willing to write such insurance. Bear in mind that insurance companies must be licensed to write in a particular state, so a company which writes in Texas may not be able to write in Wisconsin. We will continue to receive information about your liability insurance coverage–please identify the state or province where you are, the company name (not agent), the limits, premium, and any comments you feel germane to the survey.

State/Province Company Liability Limits Premium Comments
NY Dryden Mutual Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $200 Musician’s Club
MI Auto-Owners Insurance Co. $500K/$1M $160 Social Club, 80 members
CA Mt. Vernon Fire Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $500 Includes Abuse & Molestation Liability
CO Auto-Owners Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $240 Musical Band
WI Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Co. $1M/$1M $712 Includes Equipment & Property loss
WI SECURA Insurance $1M/$1M $300
MD Erie Insurance Exchange $1M/$2M $210
ON Manulife $1M $980
ON Trillium Mutual Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $450
AZ The Hartford $1M $450
OR Red Shield Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $500
IL Erie Insurance Exchange $1M/$2M $240
FL Southern Owners Insurance Co. $1M/$2M $360 Includes hurricane assessments
ON Aviva Insurance Co. $2M $1,550 Includes D&O Liability
MI Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance $2M $350 Includes equipment floater