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Contribute Your Story or Article to the NHIMA News Page

The NHIMA News Page is open to contributions from members and other musically inclined people who would like to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with our group. Articles should be held to between 300 and 750 words. Keep in mind that brevity on the internet invites readership.


Submit Your Photographs (max two)

A photograph is crucial to the impact of your article. Remember: websites are a visual medium and a photo is what catches a reader’s eye and leads them into the text. Photographs should be at least 450 x 450 in resolution and in .jpg or .png format.

They will ultimately be resized down, but we can’t make photographs larger than the original without losing resolution. If you want to include a “group shot” of more than three people please be sure to include a “single subject” shot that we can use on the home page. See the home page for examples.

Important: Please keep in mind that most photographs on the internet are not “free for the taking” unless they are specifically identified as free to use. We don’t want to run into copyright issues so please only submit photography that is your personal property.


How to Submit Your Contribution.

Email your article to us at News [at] NewHorizonsMusic [dot] org. Your text can be in the body of the email or attached to your email as a Word document. Please submit text without any special formatting. Photos must be included as attachments to your email rather than  embedded in the body of either your email or a Word document. The minimum size for at least one of your photos is 450 pixels in at least one dimension (width or height) as the photo has to fit into a 450 x 450 box to go on the home page.


Be Sure to Include Your Contact Information

It is very important that you provide your contact information along with your contribution, so that we may contact you if necessary.  Contributions without contact information can not be published. Here’s what we need:

  • Your Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • City
  • State
  • Name of Your New Horizons Group (if you have one)
  • Source of your photographs

Note: Only your Name, City, State and New Horizons Group Name will be published. If you want your name withheld, just let us know in your email.

Thank you for your contribution!

NHIMA Webmaster