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University of Dayton/NHIMA Music Camp – REGISTER NOW

We’re very excited to announce that registrations are now being accepted for the University of Dayton/NHIMA Music Camp.  This multiple day event is sure to be a wonderful experience and we look forward to seeing you there. The venue for the[...]

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A Fond Look Back to NHIMA 1991

All the years of New Horizons Music have been a joy to me. I am amazed at how advanced and wonderful some New Horizons groups are now, but the very first years were the most fun. The expectations couldn’t have[...]

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Keeping Focused

Don’t miss reading the December 2017 issue of the AARP Bulletin. If you don’t get it in the mail, it’s worth a trip to your library. The main section is “Boost Your Brain Power.” It’s a treasure of important advice.[...]

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Why do Brass Instruments Have at Least Three Valves?

A brass instrument is just a long piece of plumbing (or tubing) coiled up for compactness.  In the photo you can see a trumpet, stretched out so that its tubing is mostly straight.  You can also see a coiled up[...]

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The Most Important 12-bars of Music in the World Today

In my opinion—and I welcome argument—the 12-bar blues, which evolved from the culture of black Americans, mostly slaves, in southern states is the most important 12 bars of music in world musical culture today. Jazz is played in most parts[...]

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