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Young Director Sees the Future in New Horizons Movement

I frequently am asked by coworkers, friends and even some of my Dane County New Horizons Band members why I continue to work with our New Horizons band while handling the furor of a high school band director’s schedule. To[...]

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It’s All About da’ Bass–Yes In Concert Band!

It’s an Instrument with Many Names… Jazz or country groups tend to refer to it as a string bass, an upright bass, or a bass violin. Other names for the double bass are contrabass, bass fiddle and bull fiddle. The[...]

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Dem ‘Bones, Dem ‘Bones, Dem Trombones

60 Years Behind the Slide… I’m Dudley “Slide” Schwartz and these are my observations from 60+ years (and still going) as an amateur trombonist. My brief dose of “music theory” dates from my days in junior and senior high school[...]

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Happy New Year from Mt. Fuji

Every wonder how to coordinate Rossini’s William Tell Overture with fireworks? It seems the Japanese have got it figured out. Take a look at this video. You won’t believe your eyes! Or your ears! Hint…View this with full screen. Amazing![...]

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Play from Lead Sheets and Expand your Musical Ability

Street bands often play from lead sheets. So do jazz combos and pickup bands. The players use their experience along with the lead sheet to figure out what notes and rhythms to play. Playing from lead sheets will expand your[...]

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