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Twins from Different Mothers?

Differences Between the Euphonium and the Baritone Horn Many years ago, long before I’d heard of New Horizons Bands, I played in a brass ensemble with a group of close friends. We were sometimes a quartet and sometimes a quintet.[...]

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The Challenge of Fundraising for NHIMA Groups

Some Fundraising Thoughts for New Horizons Groups   Fundraising potential for New Horizons groups comes in all shapes and sizes as well as levels of complexity. You should consider the level of complexity that best suits your group and your[...]

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Blood Pressure Got You Down?

Got high blood pressure? Listen up! Submitted by Jon Nelson, Madison New Horizons Band To music that is. In the March 2015 Reader’s Digest it was reported that medical research has validated something we’ve all known for a long time…[...]

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Connecting the Dots

Connect the Dots: Sir Isaac Newton, the Spectrum and our Musical Scale Does your mind ever latch onto something by surprise? And then, before you know what’s hit you, it’s rambled off in a different direction. Well, this pattern seems[...]

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My Introduction to New Horizons

Each morning at about breakfast time I think about what chores or activities that I want or need to accomplish that day. For the past two months, since I became President of the New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA), writing[...]

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